Cloud-based Text Annotation Marketplace

Update on OpenSSL vulnerability and AnnoMarket

Following the disclosure of the Heartbleed bug at the beginning of this week, we would like to inform Annomarket users that we have taken all necessary measures to keep our system and your data secure. The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic library which AnnoMarket uses to encrypt much of its [...]

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AnnoMarket – Getting the word out

While the project team have been beavering away preparing for the public beta release of the AnnoMarket platform, we’ve also been out and about spreading the word to potential customers and suppliers. Here’s a round-up of this autumn’s activities. In September Valentin Tablan and I spoke about AnnoMarket at the Meta-Forum in Berlin. This is [...]

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Announcing the AnnoMarket News Pipeline

In preparation for our first public beta (watch this space!) we have been busy creating text annotation services (pipelines, to their friends). One of our stated priorities is “news“, a term used here in the most generic way to cover types of text talking about subjects such as politics, entertainment, sports, etc. The AnnoMarket consortium [...]


Putting the AnnoMarket platform through its paces

Some colleagues from University of Sheffield came to us last month asking “Hey, aren’t you the guys doing language processing in the clouds? Can you please help us?“. We like to be nice, so we replied “Sure, what’s the problem?“. Turns out they needed to process a large number of documents (about 10 million) in [...]

One year later…

AnnoMarket has completed its first year at the end of May 2013, which makes this is a good time to take stock of the results so far, and start looking toward the finish line. The main achievement after the first year is the new AnnoMarket platform where users can use one of the many available [...]

First Prototype Presented at the Annomarket Meeting

The AnnoMarket consortium met for a plenary meeting on Oct 18-19 in London. Current progress was reviewed and future developments planned. Work on the project is proceeding according to the plan; all deliverables were produced in time. On the technical side, a first internal version of the AnnoMarket platform prototype was introduced to the consortium. [...]

AnnoMarket, Three Months In

The AnnoMarket project is now in full swing and starting to see results. Work has started on the first prototype, and early deliverables have been produced. A month 3 deliverable by Ontotext surveys Cloud development and application marketplaces, and constitutes valuable preparation for this central aspect of the project. Text analysis computation is well suited [...]

AnnoMarket Contract Signed

The contract is now signed and we’re all ready for the project to begin on June 1st 2012. AnnoMarket is an EU Framework 7 project funded jointly by the European Commission and the project partners — Ontotext AD, Internet Memory Research SAS, the Press Association Ltd. and the University of Sheffield (who will coordinate). The project [...]