Cloud-based Text Annotation Marketplace

First Prototype Presented at the Annomarket Meeting

The AnnoMarket consortium met for a plenary meeting on Oct 18-19 in London.

Current progress was reviewed and future developments planned. Work on the project is proceeding according to the plan; all deliverables were produced in time.

On the technical side, a first internal version of the AnnoMarket platform prototype was introduced to the consortium. This is being used as baseline for planning future technical work. In the next period, this prototype will see quick development – evaluation iterations. It will, in due course, be presented to selected members of the expert group in order to obtain feedback.

Business development planning was also an important element of this meeting. The current state of the cloud infrastructure market was analysed and a strategy was arrived at to ensure the provision of the AM platform with the required cloud computing resources. The markets for text analytics and data provision services were also reviewed. This will feed into the business development, publicity, and demonstrating activities that will allow an optimal positioning of the AM offering, once it becomes public.

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