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One year later…

AnnoMarket has completed its first year at the end of May 2013, which makes this is a good time to take stock of the results so far, and start looking toward the finish line. The main achievement after the first year is the new AnnoMarket platform where users can use one of the many available pipelines to process their own documents, or a selection of the Common Crawl data set.

We have made better than expected progress on the platform development, so we are hoping to have a beta-level web site open  to the public in the next few weeks, rather than in September, as was originally planned. We hope you will try it and give us feedback, which we can integrate in our future development plans. As a special treat to our early users, we will be offering free credit covering 24 hours processing time for each month during the trial period!

Here is a sneak preview of what the site will look like:

AnnoMarket Shop front

The prototype AnnoMarket shop front.

So far we have packaged 35 pipelines, covering 15 languages. We are continuously adding more, so watch this space! If you have an annotation pipeline that you would like to make available on the site, please contact us and we will help with that!

We are also making available on-demand private instances of GATE Teamware and GATE Mímir servers, that you can rent by the hour.

In other news, we will be presenting a demo of the new platform at ACL 2013, on 4 – 9 August. Looking forward to seeing you there!

It seems that this year Bulgaria is the place to be in the world of NLP, so we’ll be back there for the ScaNLP workshop at the RANLP 2013 conference, which we are co-sponsoring. There’s still time to submit a paper describing your work!

We are now working hard preparing for our first year review, which will take place in Luxembourg at the start of July. Watch this space for more news after that!

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